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Analysis Example


Elastic-plastic numerical material test of the FRP in consideration of the interfacial peeling/crack propagation in resin

In the non-linear version Multiscale.Sim, it is possible to define the micro model freely to all non-linear material models that are held in ANSYS, and can be performed taking into account the influence of them in the numerical material test. This case analysis introduces the example of numerical material test that takes into account the interfacial peeling of the FRP fiber matrix and the cracking propagation in the resin.


Large strain numerical material test of fiber-based composite material using advanced element formulation

When the numerical material test is performed on the material model that consists of materials of different stiffness, the elements are distorted significantly at the interface of the material. As a result, the calculation may become unstable. This example shows the effects of improving the analysis stability in this problem through the implementation of a new advanced element formulation.


The multi-scale analysis on the porous cantilever

Verifying the validity of the multi-scale analysis through comparisons of calculation time and results between the multi-scale analysis on porous cantilever and the direct modeling non-homogeneity respectively.  


The multi-scale analysis of the honeycomb structure cantilever

Performing multi-scale analysis on the honeycomb material cantilever, and verifying the validity of the multi-scale analysis


Homogenization analysis of composite resin with oriented fiber

Introducing the example of creep homogenization analysis on the composite material that consists of a resin which has the creep characteristics and fiber that is an elastic body and oriented at ±30°. In addition, identifying the material properties value of the anisotropic creep using optimization based on the material test data of these.


Homogenization analysis of the electrically-conductive adhesive

Semiconductor packages have complex and various heterogeneous structures, and are composed of a variety of materials such as ceramics, metal, and resin. This analysis example introduces the homogenization analysis of Ag-epoxy electrically-conductive adhesive that is substituted for solder.
Data Provided by: Associate Professor, Yoshiharu Kariya, Shibaura Institute of Technology


Micro/Macro sequential coupled analysis of electronic substrates

This example introduces an analysis applied to the actual model by evaluating the equivalent property value based on the result of numerical material test by cutting out the cycle symmetry structure of the solder.


Three-point bending test of the reinforced fiber composite materials

This example targets fiber-reinforced composite material which is oriented in one direction, and shows a series of flow of numerical material test, material constant identification, and macro structural analysis.


Pipe subjected to internal pressure: Provided by NITTO BOSEKI CO.,LTD.

This analysis example shows consideration of improved compressive strength design for pipe subjected to internal pressure.


Stress of an aircraft wing (localization analysis)

This example shows structural analysis of the main wing of an aircraft. The analysis is conducted by replacing the honeycomb sandwich panels that make up the wing section with the homogeneous body.


Flow in a catalytic converter (seepage flow homogenization analysis)

This is the seepage flow homogenization analysis of a catalytic converter to use redox to purify hazardous substances, such as automobile exhaust gases.


Micro-stress distribution of the internal metal structure (numerical material test)

This example shows a numerical material test for the structure of structural steel. Steel has a layered pearlite structure that is a lamellar structure of ferrite and cementite. Modeling this in practice, and performing a uniaxial tensile test in the X-axis direction.


Layered magnetic shield (Magnetic field homogenization analysis)

This example shows a static magnetic field analysis of the model consisting of a multilayer magnetic shield and current source.


Elasto-plasticity homogenization analysis of CFRP

Performing the homogenization analysis for one-way reinforced material with carbon fiber and polyimide resin.


Viscoelastic numerical material test

Performing viscoelastic material numerical test on a reinforced model, assuming a typical polymer-based composite material, such as woven cloth material with bundle-fibers in resin.
Performing viscoelastic material numerical test on the assumption of a model that was reinforced with woven cloth material, a typical polymer-based composite material, with bundle-fibers in resin.


Super-elastic multi-scale analysis of tire

Performing a multi-scale analysis on a tire which is made of clusters of fiber-reinforced composite material with rubber as the matrix.