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Ansys Maxwell


Ansys Maxwell is a 2D/3D simulation software for low-frequency electromagnetic fields that adopts the finite element method (FEM) to simulate the accurate transient response of non-linear electromagnetic fields. It is used for the design and analysis of electrical machinery, transformers, sensors, and other electromagnetic equipment. It also comes with an expert design tool (RMxprt/PExprt) for the rotating machinery and transformers, which helps the users to quickly model and analyze. It has an outstanding connecting interface with Ansys Twin Builder, with which the integrated simulation of electromechanics can be seen by connecting the control, driving, and feedback circuits provided by Twin Builder.



2D induction motor (IM)
3D surface permanent magnetic motor (SPM)



Three-phase transformer
Wireless charging coil



Magnetic force distribution in PMSM rotation



Maxwell motor connected with the drive circuit and load circuit of Twin Builder
Ansys Maxwell solver
Steady-state electromagnetic field analysis
  • Electrostatic field analysis
  • Magnetostatic field analysis

AC electromagnetic field analysis

  • Analysis of skin effect and proximity effect
  • Impact analysis of equipment affected by eddy current and displacement current

Nonlinear analysis of transient magnetic field

  • Rigid body motion (rotation, translation, and non-cylinder rotation)
  • External circuit coupling
  • Permanent magnetic demagnetization analysis
  • Calculation of iron loss
Product features
Expert modeling tool
Expert design tool (RMxprt/PExprt) included for the rotating machinery and transformers, which can help users to quickly model and analyze.
Circuit integration simulation
It can be connected with Ansys Twin Builder in series, integrating the motor control, drive, and receiving circuits, to conduct loop simulation in the software environment.
Hardware in-the-loop (HIL) structure
Maxwell can export the 2D/3D motor models as ECE (Equivalent-Circuit Extraction) equivalent models into the OPAL-RT instant simulation platform to conduct HIL instant simulation.

Multiphysics coupling
The Ansys simulation field includes multiphysics fields, such as electromagnetic, heat, fluid, solid, and system, etc., and multiphysics coupling simulation can be conducted in Ansys Workbench. The temperature increase can be converted from the motor loss in Maxwell, and the heat transfer, deformation, harmonic vibration, noise, and other multiphysics interactions can be calculated when coupled with Fluent and Mechanical.






 Electromagnetic analysis

 Temperature analysis

Deformation analysis

Vibration analysis
Noise analysis