Digital Transformation (PTC)

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Digital Transformation (PTC)


PTC® offers many solutions to digitally transform your worksites, such as IIoT, Enterprise AR, and 3D CAD, resulting in increased productivity, maximum revenue growth, and reduced downtime and operational costs.




CYBERNET SYSTEMS MALAYSIA SDN.BHD. is a Direct Solution Provider of PTC in Malaysia and in Vietnam for ThingWorx®, Vuforia®, Ansys® Powered Products, Creo®, Creo+, and PTC University's LEARN Online subscriptions.

The way we conduct business is changing, and change comes with new possibilities as well as challenges. Everything has become data-driven and connected, requiring industrial companies to rethink their approach to operating, monitoring, and managing their places of work. That's why Digital transformation has become so important. It's bridging the gap between human resources and physical equipment by enabling connectivity and information availability in industrial workspaces.

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IIoT Solutions Platform

ThingWorx provides end-to-end IIoT solutions that solve business challenges in industrial companies. It addresses a wide range of manufacturing, service, and engineering use cases. From monitoring smart assets to delivering valuable data insights, ThingWorx offers IoT capabilities to create enterprise-scale solutions using pre-built applications and developer tools. ThingWorx role-based applications enable fast deployment and easy adoption of digital transformation in your workplace.




Enterprise AR Platform

It’s all about empowering your front-line workers by delivering critical information in a feature-rich, interactive digital space. AR-assisted solutions for your workplace make sure that the front-line workers receive expert assistance and access to the latest instructions whenever they need them, wherever they are located. Empower your employees and adopt digital transformation with ease increasing employee satisfaction and productivity.




3D CAD System

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Creo is PTC's award-winning 3D CAD system that enables customers to design, validate, and manufacture innovative products faster. It features a variety of usability enhancements, productivity tools, and combines powerful, proven functionality with new technologies such as generative design, augmented reality, real-time simulation, additive manufacturing and the IIoT, to iterate faster, reduce costs, and improve product quality.

The latest additions to Creo—include enhancements for electrification, composites, model-based definition, simulation-driven design, advanced manufacturing, and PTC’s SaaS offering—Creo+.