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ThingWorx is a purpose-built IIoT platform that can address your business challenges by removing your barriers to digital transformation.

Why ThingWorx?





Maximize the potential of IoT, Maximize Revenue and Promote Innovation

"ThingWorx removes the technical roadblocks to IoT adoption and builds practical solutions that deliver rapid time to value. You can enter new markets, increase throughput, and create new business models, such as product-as-a-service (PaaS). It offers a wide range of features to help you get to market faster. Existing installations can be integrated and extended within connected solutions."

Reduce costs

Leverage data from connected products and systems to increase productivity, reduce costs, and improve efficiency.


Improvement of quality

Rapid introduction and flexible scalability of IoT platforms can reduce long-term system operating costs and maintenance man-hours.

Maximum flexibility

Choose and manage on-premises, cloud, or hybrid deployments. Flexible for industrial use cases.


Download Brochure

Download and read this brochure to learn more about the key capabilities of ThingWorx and applications for high-impact industrial use cases.



"ThingWorx IIoT platform is purpose-built, scalable, and extensible. ThingWorx Applications work with your existing systems and infrastructure."


► Up to 90% reduction in app development time & cost

► As much as 75% faster time to value

► As much as 67% reduction in time to scale




Realize solid results with the essential functions of IoT

ThingWorx is a holistic IoT platform, unlike any other IoT software. Industry-leading companies deploy ThingWorx with end-to-end capabilities to address every aspect of their digital transformation journey.

Connectivity – The first step of an IoT solution is the connection with devices and facilities

In complex manufacturing and service environments, interconnection with equipment and existing systems can be a daunting task. But ThingWorx solves this challenge with its powerful connectivity capabilities. ThingWorx makes it easy to establish standardized connectivity, creating a highly secure single source of truth (SSOT) for accessing corporate data across IT and OT systems.

Development – Maximum simplification of IoT deployment

ThingWorx is designed to simplify the process of building scalable and secure IoT solutions, with drag-and-drop functionality to reduce time-consuming coding and other tasks. It lets you deploy high-quality IoT applications, dashboards, workspaces, and mobile interfaces to fit your organization's needs. It also enables rapid development and seamless integration of IoT data across systems.

Analysis – Extracting the value of the data

A company's operational data can be a limitless resource for improvement. ThingWorx is designed for the industry to simplify effective analytical strategies. By removing the barriers to data analysis, you can focus on unlocking the benefits and value of your data, including optimizing efficiency, predicting problems, and preventing downtime.

Management – Management of IoT

Connecting and monitoring facilities and systems using a central IoT platform provides rapid time to value, but sustainable success requires an IoT platform to manage and govern each device. With ThingWorx, not only that you can connect and gather insights from your equipment but also centrally operate and optimize this equipment.

Experience – Improve operations with actionable IoT dashboards

ThingWorx makes data available, consistent, and accurate. It effectively delivers information. That allows users to quickly take action based on real-time data, build user experiences and deliver data tailored to their needs to make them more productive and responsive.

Scalability – Seamless integration with PTC Vuforia AR-assisted tools

ThingWorx and Vuforia provide tailored IoT data through AR experiences. By leveraging mobile and wearable devices, the Vuforia Experience is easily accessible across the organization, enabling realistic 3D interaction with facilities, processes, and equipment.

Extensive global track record

ThingWorx is being used worldwide by over a thousand factories to digitally transform their work environments.

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