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Ansys EMA3D

Ansys EMA3D is a platform-type electromagnetic modeling simulation tool that provides simulations for cables and specializes in the analysis of electromagnetic effects (EM) caused by lightning strikes on large platforms and EMI/EMC problems for cables. Ansys EMA3D offers a complete design procedure from design to verification, including electromagnetic interference (EMI) and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) certification. It supports the system-scale assessment of cable harness design for aerospace, automotive, military, petroleum and gas, consumer electronics, and energy fields, allowing the users to predict the product performance under EMC testing through Ansys EMA3D cables at the early stage of the design phase. Also, Ansys EMA3D supports the use of Ansys HFSS simulation system components (such as the antennas and PCBs) and the import of simulated electromagnetic field to the Ansys EMA3D cables, making it possible to simulate the system (such as the vehicles and aircraft) operating in the real-world environment.
Function feature
Ansys EMA3D uses the high-precision finite difference time domain (FDTD) and the Direct Modeler UI of Ansys SpaceClaim to build a platform that enables users to quickly make and modify models and conduct electromagnetic simulations. It can simulate EMI/EMC, crosstalk, shielding effectiveness, lightning strikes, high-intensity radiation fields (HIRF), electromagnetic pulses (EMP), and other cable issues. The functions include:

Export of S parameters
Ansys EMA3D uses the Direct Modeler UI of Ansys SpaceClaim that is effortless to operate, allowing engineers to quickly define the internal structure of the cables and to simulate complex and realistic models in a short time. Ansys EMA3D can export the simulated S parameter and comply with FACETM standard and ARINC 661 standard for embedded control/display/HMI application development, all simplified with the integrated solution.
KBL cable harness import
Ansys EMA3D supports the complete import of cable harness, which means the import of harness of any definition (connection, wire gauge, insulation type, and wiring) from any harness design tool into Ansys EMA3D. At the same time, it can conduct meshing and real simulation with a complete cable structure. With the high-precision finite difference time domain (FDTD) calculation, Ansys EMA3D offers the customers a fast and accurate simulation experience.
Ansys HFSS and Ansys EMA3D cable electromagnetic field link
Ansys EMA3D supports the import of electromagnetic fields simulated with Ansys HFSS, a high-frequency electromagnetic simulation software. The link allows high-fidelity Ansys HFSS models (such as antennas, PCBs, connectors) to be imported into the electromagnetic fields and set as the source of Ansys EMA3D cables for a system-scale simulation. Apart from the commonly seen large platforms (such as vehicles, aircraft, large equipment, and others), it can also import mobile devices (mobile phones, laptops, personal computers, and others) to conduct system-scale simulations integrated with connectors, antennas, PCBs, and cables. It can simulate static electricity, high-intensity radiation field (HIRF), electromagnetic pulse (EMP), radiation emission, crosstalk, and other EMC application problems.