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Ansys SpaceClaim

Ansys SpaceClaim is a powerful geometric modeling and repairing software. Different from the traditional CAD software, which is based on a complex system of a parameter-generated tree diagram, users can now easily and intuitively manage the existing features of the model. It offers advanced and practical functions such as physical modeling, feature editing, assembly, and grouping.
Ansys SpaceClaim has a one-click inspection and repair function which can quickly complete a checkup of the tiny surfaces and correct the wrong surfaces. Also, it can be imported directly to other Ansys software for simulation, achieving the most effective integrated analysis.  



Product features
  • Intuitive model construction and correction
You can do the drafting directly in Ansys SpaceClaim, including Boolean algebra, chamfer, shell extraction, volume extraction, etc., or do direct imports of files of various graphic formats, such as Parasolid, STL, Step, Acis, etc. Users can also directly stretch or move existing features, such as surfaces and corners, or import multiple graphics files to create and correct the model.
  • To quickly verify the model and correct errors
Ansys SpaceClaim can hide or show each tiny component of an object and offers the function of exploded view, allowing the users to edit different components conveniently. You can also check whether there are other errors in the model, including repeated edges, surfaces, or whether there is a gap between two objects. Use the repair function to correct the errors in the model with just one click.

  • Ansys software connection and parameterized analysis
Ansys SpaceClaim can directly connect the created model to Ansys analysis software without any file conversion, achieving the most effective integrated analysis. Also, it can parameterize the model’s length, angle, and other geometric variation, then schedule a smart analysis with Ansys Workbench, reducing the simulation time for multiple groups of varying parameters.