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Vuforia digitally transforms your training and work environments, ensuring that essential work-related information is available to your front-line workers when it matters the most.

Vuforia Studio

3D Augmented Reality Work Instructions


Vuforia Chalk

Remote Assistance Powered by Augmented Reality

Modernize knowledge transfer in your industrial enterprise organizations with Vuforia Studio digital work instruction solutions. Vuforia Studio can cut down the number of errors in production lines and increase front-line worker productivity resulting in faster time to market.

Replace the old paper manuals with an AR-assisted, interactive digital space. It can transform your existing CAD and IoT data into a detailed AR experience that provides critical information to front-line workers for training and day-to-day operation. It can also integrate sensor and contextualized IoT data from the ThingWorx platform.


Bring together your front-line technical support teams and experts in remote locations to collaborate in real-time to efficiently solve problems in your industrial workplaces. Video communication combined with advanced AR collaboration tools powered by Vuforia Chalk empowers technicians on-site to handle complicated service, maintenance, and operational tasks.

With Vuforia Chalk, even the equipment that requires well-trained technicians to operate can be handled smoothly with expert instructions received in real-time via interactive AR-assisted video calls that support digital annotations using a mobile screen or desktop environment.


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Vuforia Studio Product Brief



Vuforia Chalk Product Brief


Vuforia Chalk: Remote Assistance

Real-world Example 

Here's a practical example of Vuforia Chalk AR-powered video communication. Anyone can receive expert support on the go by using a smartphone or tablet. It's capable of providing accurate instructions using on-screen annotations.


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Augmented Reality (AR) Applications for Manufacturing


Vuforia is a Market-Leading Enterprise AR platform from PTC that offers AR-based remote assistance applications for manufacturing that can transform your workplaces like never before. They are designed for enterprise customers and are scalable. Vuforia has wide-ranging solutions that can help solve your workforce challenges and meet business goals. During this webinar, we discuss AR applications for the manufacturing industry.