Tolerance Analysis (Sigmetrix)

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Tolerance Analysis (Sigmetrix)


Sigmetrix is a global leader in tolerance analysis. For over 25 years they have been helping mechanical and manufacturing engineers worldwide to achieve innovative and robust product designs. CYBERNET SYSTEMS MALAYSIA SDN.BHD. is an authorized distributor of CETOL 6σ™ and EZtol in 11 ASEAN countries including Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

Mechanical variation plays an important role in manufacturing and assembly. Understanding the real world situation before starting the production helps companies to minimize errors and cut down manufacturing costs resulting in faster time to market and higher customer satisfaction.

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What is tolerance analysis?

Tolerance analysis means calculating cumulative tolerance when assembling parts with variations due to dimensional and geometric tolerances set at the time of design.

In today's world, high-quality products must be delivered to the market faster. The conventional design process can be cumbersome, and it often causes unnecessary costs and rework due to oversight of critical control dimensions and defects caused by low variation prediction accuracy. This is where tolerance analysis becomes important.

What tolerance analysis can do?

  • Prevent delays by eliminating rework throughout product development.
  • Quality control.
  • Management efficiency by reducing costs and man hours.




CETOL 6σ - 3D tolerance analysis software

CETOL 6σ is a 3D model-based tolerance analysis software that works directly with CAD model data from PTC® Creo®, CATIA®, SOLIDWORKS®, and Siemens NX™ without any additional requirement for data conversion. CETOL 6σ can perform complex mechanical variation analysis of assemblies which is difficult to perform manually.




EZtol - 1D tolerance stack-up analysis tool

EZtol provides an automated and more statistical approach to 1D stack-up analyses instead of tedious and time-consuming manual calculations defined in spreadsheets. EZtol works with most of the major CAD system file formats, and it does not require a CAD license to work on the model.