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CAE Laboratory - a Brand-New Experience with a Japanese Touch


CAE Laboratory - Structural Mechanics

CYBERNET MALAYSIA, together with its headquarters in Tokyo, co-hosted a special webinar last December. The 3-hour-long English medium online session was a customized version of a popular laboratory-based training course series conducted by CAE University in Japan. The webinar focussing on Structural Mechanics was delivered by Dr. Kazumi Matsui, PhD, Associate Professor of the Yokohama National University. The original laboratory-based version in Japan is also conducted by Dr. Matsui.

Over 150 people from Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, and other countries in the region registered for this special online session. Many students, researchers from academic institutes and engineers from commercial companies were among them. The webinar provided a unique experience with Dr. Matsui sharing the fundamentals of Structural Mechanics and V&V (Verification and validation) concept using theory, experiment results, live calculation challenges and interactive Q&A.

Course contents:

  • Does numerical simulation (CAE/FEM) match with experimentation?
  • Verification and Validation
  • Experiment 1 - simple bending experiment of a beam
  • Verification of FEM
  • How to verify the validity of FEM/CAE?
  • Experiment 2 - One-sided and two-sided fully fixed bending experiments
  • Validation Case Study

About CAE University

Established in 2007 in Japan, CAE University provides a variety of technical education content to develop true CAE engineers who can effectively utilize simulation.​ Its courses vary from regular training to tailor-made courses for companies, CAE education for managers, and e-learning. It has provided training to over 19,000 persons and 70 companies with a satisfaction rate of 88.7%.

For more details, go to CAE University's official website (in Japanese), or reach out to CYBERNET MALAYSIA:


CYBERNET MALAYSIA provides a wide variety of Digital Engineering software and services to its customers in the ASEAN region such as CAE, IIOT and Enterprise AR solutions, Vehicle Dynamics simulation software, Casting simulation software, tolerance analysis software, multi-scale analysis and simulation tools, Optical measurement services, Engineering services, CAE Training and consultation.