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Cybernet Malaysia Engineering Services Brochure


ES brochure thumbThis is a detailed overview of the Engineering Services CYBERNET offers. Whether you are looking for a simple design, analysis, or optimization task or a company-wide deployment of CAE, CYBERNET can provide the necessary guidance, consulting, training, and engineering services to surmount your engineering simulation challenges. From introducing to the CAE world to developing customized tools, CYBERNET offers Japanese quality service standards with localized support using the know-how gained through many years of experience.

Cybernet Malaysia Solutions Overview


solution brochure thumbA comprehensive overview of all software and solutions that CYBERNET offer to its customers. From engineering simulation to digital transformation, vehicle simulation, casting simulation, and multiscale analysis and simulation of materials.





【Technical notes】Analysis of transmission characteristics of flexible cables and flexible boards


By using Ansys® electromagnetic field analysis and circuit simulator, we can prototype various transmission characteristics of flexible cables and substrates, grasp characteristics when bending, and control impedance characteristics that change with shield materials that suppress radiation.

【Technical notes】EMI suppression design example utilizing electromagnetic field analysis


By utilizing electromagnetic field analysis and visualizing the behavior of the electromagnetic field, it is possible to verify the EMI countermeasure plan in advance at the design stage.

【Technical notes】Radiated immunity analysis of electronic equipment


By utilizing electromagnetic field analysis, the behavior of electromagnetic fields can be visualized at the design stage, and product designs with high resistance to external noise can be realized.

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