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Water Treatment Solutions Using Ansys Software and Flownex



Simulation and CAE will play an increasingly important role in product development as the digitalization of product development becomes more prevalent. In particular, it is noteworthy that the use of more in-depth simulation and CAE is increasing, as products are required to have higher performance in order to achieve the SDGs and energy conservation that are being actively advocated these days. In the field of water treatment, CAE technology is also used in a variety of processes, from initial facility design and verification of facility operation to risk management. This paper focuses on fluid analysis, a field of CAE, and introduces various examples using Ansys® CFD™, a fluid simulation tool from Ansys, and Flownex®, a 1D simulation tool for analyzing entire systems from M-tech.

Introduction of a case study of 3D simulation related to water treatment using Ansys CFD

Example of simulation application in activated sludge water treatment

In recent years, simulation has been increasingly used to improve the efficiency of water treatment plants. The following is a list of the sewage inflow, sedimentation tank, and aeration tank (aeration). Figure 1 shows the simulation of the flow in the inflow section of sewage and the retention time of solids in the sewage. Simulation can be used to analyze pipe layout for the most efficient flow possible, as well as the retention time of solids mixed in sewage, to ensure that solids do not remain where they are.

Figure 2 shows an example of an analysis of a sedimentation tank. The red area indicates the distribution of sludge. The optimal depth and number of sedimentation tanks can be considered for efficient water separation.


Figure 1. Solid retention time in sewage inflow


Figure 2. Sludge distribution in the sedimentation tank

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