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【Technical articles】What is indispensable for Designer CAE?


1 The identity of front-loading
Design changes are inevitable in the design process.
Design changes are the act of driving a design to perfection and are essential to the design development process.
As the design progresses, the cost of the design increases. Design changes can occur even after a product has been on the market, also known as a recall. When a recall occurs, the costs required for product repair announcements, collection, repair, replacement, re-delivery, etc., increase dramatically. On the other hand, in the early stages of design, the cost of design change is low. Basically, front-loading is an effort to improve design quality while minimizing design change costs (Figure 1).
What kind of technology will achieve front-loading?
Compare the process curve after front-loading with the conventional process curve. In the later process, the number of prototypes is reduced and costs are reduced. This means that the effect of front-loading has appeared. Simulation is one of the technologies to fill the process curve bulge brought forward as a reaction and the conventional one.
2 Significance of simulation
Simulation here is a simulation in a broad sense. Indicates that the shape and performance of parts and products are simulated. 3D CAD is "virtual prototype of shape", and CAE is "virtual evaluation of performance". The fact that many companies have introduced 3D CAD and are conducting CAE is a measure to realize front loading. 
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