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Henikwon Corporation Achieves Faster Time to Market with Ansys Simulation.



Henikwon Corporation Achieves Faster Time to Market with Ansys Simulation.

CYBERNET MALAYSIA provided a solution which included flexible license usage
and localized support to the Henikwon R&D team.

The Challenge

Henikwon wanted to reap the benefits of quick turnaround time in developing new products. They were looking for a solution to help reduce the project timeline and budget by getting accurate and precise thermal modelling before any prototype was fabricated.
CYBERNET MALAYSIA team was challenged with finding the right solution for Henikwon and supporting them in achieving their goals.
“Quick high precision simulation results helped Henikwon Corporation reduce the turn around time in new product development and achieve faster time to market.”
Shreeyash Patankar
Deputy General Manager, R&D, Henikwon Corporation Sdn. Bhd.


Ansys Elastic Currency: it provided the flexibility to Henikwon to perform simulation while license capacity was limited during the new product introduction.

Benefits to the Customer

  • High precision electro-thermal simulations results.
  • Ease of scaling simulation needs.
  • Quick simulation and low turnaround time, ~40% faster than conventional simulation techniques.
  • Localized solution without a large CAPEX.
“Products and services provided by CYBERNET MALAYSIA enhanced our R&D team capabilities and enabled them to perform simulation locally while localized solution offered greater flexibility for multiple iterations. We achieved faster time to market with local simulation by reducing the turnaround time and development time by 10%~20% compared to conventional method.”
Henikwon Corporation Sdn. Bhd.


About Henikwon

Established since 1987, Henikwon Corporation is a progressive market leader in the electrical equipment industry. Henikwon has been playing a pioneering role in the busduct landscape. They produce high-performance and quality products with excellent services to the customers throughout the life cycle. They constantly strive to maintain a high level of quality and compliance to the international product standards.

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