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Ansys 2021R1 Release Provides Nearly Unlimited Possibilities for Engineering


Ansys recently released 2021 R1 version, which provides a simplified workflow and unique product enhancements, providing R&D engineers with opportunities to complete design and product development goals that were previously unachievable. With Ansys 2021 R1, R&D engineers no longer have to develop compromise solutions due to technical limitations, nor do they need to increase design costs due to the impact of workflow.
Update highlights:
New functions such as line body generation on Mechanical and script recording / playback of GUI operation have been introduced. As coupling simulation, a system of coupled field modal and coupled field frequency response is implemented, and analysis considering piezoelectric materials can also be performed. Ansys Motion now allows post process in ACT applications, and the Native Post Processor has also been revamped for added convenience.

User Experience is improved by GUI updates. Workflow function for creating meshes has been further enhanced to support parallel processing, volume mesh copying, extrusion, and more. From the update of the physical model such as the transition model of VOF, DPM and film model in the multiphase flow model and the acceleration of heat transfer analysis, the solver has been updated with better robustness and acceleration by HPC.

Electronics Desktop implements Ansys Cloud and improves conveniency. In HFSS, a new mesh generation/analysis technology called Mesh Fusion has been introduced. The solver is also improved to speed up. Functions that can be used in 5G are added. In SIwave, DDR Wizard has been added, and it has become possible to perform wiring characteristic extraction-transient analysis of DDRx, which is a high-speed signal, with less effort. By linking Maxwell with Ansys Motion, it is possible to map the electromagnetic force data of the motor to the mechanism analysis with a simple operation.

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