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PTC's award-winning 3D CAD system is a versatile solution that accelerates innovation by enabling customers to iterate faster, improve product quality and reduce the cost at the same time.


3D CAD Design Software


Why Creo

Creo is an advanced 3D CAD software that streamlines the product development process and enables the design and development of innovative products. With an intuitive user interface and a rich feature set, designers can quickly create complex models and make design changes in real-time.

It also incorporates simulation and analysis capabilities to provide tools to optimize design quality and performance. As one of the industry's leading platforms, Creo supports the entire product development process and accelerates product time-to-market.

  • Large-scale assembly support.
  • Seamless information exchange with a single database.
  • Excellent scalability and interoperability such as the capability to reproduce AR content using the IoT data.


PTC now available as a SaaS product. Creo+ offers all the capabilities of Creo, plus cloud-based collaboration and license-management tools.

Transient Structural Simulation in Creo Ansys Simulation


Top Enhancements in Creo 11 and Creo+

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Creo Ansys Simulation Datasheet



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Reach out to our teams in Malaysia and in Vietnam to learn more about Creo and Creo+.