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Watch our past webinars On-Demand, any time from anywhere. Please send us a request by filling out the Web inquiry form. Use the Message Box to mention the webinar title/s that you would like to watch. We will send you webinar links to the email address that you have entered.

[Vietnamese Webinar] Mô phỏng đánh giá hiệu quả tản nhiệt và hút bụi bằng hệ thống quạt trong nhà xưởng công nghiệp với Ansys® Workbench

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Related products: Ansys CFD, SpaceClaim, Ansys DesignModeler
Original webinar date: 2022.9.9
Speaker: Dr. Dang Le Quang and associates, CFD Engineer, Vietnam
Hãy cùng chúng tôi tìm hiểu tổng quan về công nghệ mô phỏng bài toán truyền nhiệt và bài toán xoay của Ansys để quản lý và kiểm soát 1 cách hiệu quả sự tản nhiệt cũng như hiệu suất làm việc của hệ thống hút bụi bằng quạt trong các nhà xưởng công nghiệp (HVAC).

Vehicle Dynamic Simulation and Hardware-in-the-loop Testing

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Related products: VehicleSim
Original webinar date: 2022.8.24
Speaker: Jacky Ku, Assistant Manager – Engineering at Cybernet Taiwan
This webinar demonstrates in detail how to test your vehicle controller using the Hardware-in-the-loop method using VehicleSim products.

Digital Inspection Through 3D Scanning and Rapid Simulation Technology

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Related products: Ansys Discovery
Original webinar date: 2022.7.19
This webinar introduces a new solution for utilizing point clouds data for digital inspection and rapid simulation with Ansys® Discovery™ with original real-world application examples from Japan.

Optimizing Millimeter-Wave Array Antenna Design Efficiency for 5G

Webinar image
Related products: Ansys HFSS, Ansys Icepak
Original webinar date: 2022.6.7
During this webinar, we discuss with analysis examples, how Ansys Electronics products can support antenna design and optimization from element design to system-level evaluation and thermal evaluation.

Augmented Reality (AR) Applications for Manufacturing

Webinar image
Related products: PTC Vuforia, Vuforia Chalk
Original webinar date: 2022.5.30
Vuforia is a Market-Leading Enterprise AR platform from PTC that offers AR-based remote assistance applications for manufacturing that can transform your workplaces like never before. They are designed for enterprise customers and are scalable. Vuforia has wide-ranging solutions that can help solve your workforce challenges and meet business goals. During this webinar, we discuss AR applications for the manufacturing industry.

Engineering Simulation to Fight COVID 19 and Support New Normal

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Related products: Ansys CFD
Original webinar date: 2022.4.27
Ansys engineering simulation can help us understand how droplets spread through the air inside public transportation such as airplanes, and the effectiveness of ventilation inside buildings. This webinar includes practical applications of Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) and analysis examples about visualizing and optimizing the effectiveness of various countermeasures against COVID19 infections such as social distancing, spray cleaning, UV sterilization, personal protective gear, etc. 

Design an Optimal Diffractive Grating with Ansys Lumerical and Zemax

Webinar image
Related products: Ansys Lumerical, Ansys Zemax
Original webinar date: 2022.4.25
Find out how to design and simulate optimal diffraction gratings using Ansys and Zemax (an Ansys company). Some of the key topics include a technology overview of Ansys Lumerical, Grating design workflow, Optimization of a grating with Lumerical, and Exporting grating design data to Zemax for system simulation.

LiDAR Systems Design and Optimization with Ansys Speos

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Related products: Ansys Speos
Original webinar date: 2022.3.30
Learn how to design your LiDAR systems and optimize optical sensors using Ansys Speos. Engineers can easily test different lidar configurations and benchmark different technologies within a single platform. Ansys Speos can help to reduce development time and achieve product innovation by using Ansys engineering simulation. Optical technologies offered by Ansys help engineers to surmount complex engineering challenges in optics, photonics, and VR across many industries. 

Noise Reduction and Power Electronics Design for Automotive Equipment

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Related products: Ansys HFSS, Maxwell and other Ansys electronics products
Original webinar date: 2022.3.28
In this era of Electric Vehicles and Autonomous Driving, the challenges faced by automotive design engineers are becoming more complex each day. This webinar explains with examples, how to reduce noise in complex automotive systems such as PCB and power electronics through engineering simulation using Ansys electronics products.

Advanced Regime Transition Modelling for Oil and Gas Applications


webinar image

Related products: Ansys CFD
Original webinar date: 2022.2.21 (An invited presentation for the IChemE SONG event)
Speaker: Nowneswara Reddy, Sr. Technology Specialist – Ansys Bangalore
This webinar demonstrates recent advances in mixed flow regime modeling in Ansys Fluent, namely VOF to DPM, DPM to VOF, EWF to VOF, AIAD, and GenTOP models. Discusses the background and applications of these models with examples.

Introduction to Ansys Mechanical

Webinar image
Related products: Ansys Mechanical
Original webinar date: 2021.12.17
Ansys Mechanical is a high-end general-purpose Structural Analysis tool that can help engineers meet the ever-increasing requirement to design better and safer products. In this webinar, we introduced the features, basic functionalities, and operating procedures of Ansys Mechanical through demonstration.

Introduction to Ansys CFD

Webinar image
Related products: Ansys CFD
Original webinar date: 2021.12.15
Ansys CFD is a high-end general-purpose Fluid Dynamics analysis tool that has been used across all industries to increase productivity, reduce the overall development cost, and assist in developing better, In this webinar, we will introduce the features, basic functionalities, and operating procedures of Ansys CFD through demonstration.

Mura Effect Simulation in Backlight Display by Ansys SPEOS

Webinar image
Related products: Ansys Speos
Original webinar date: 2021.12.14
This webinar introduces the highly versatile optical design software, Ansys SPEOS, explains how its unique receiver solves the problem of appearance and taste and discusses in-depth how to use its unique object rendering, rich support modules, and optomechanical integration.

More webinar recordings, product videos, and demonstrations are available on our YouTube Channel.