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Casting Simulation System (ADSTEFAN)

Time, High Accuracy. ADSTEFAN can solve all losses by all defects.
“ADSTEFAN” is a CAE system that can reduce trial & error, reduce lead time, and cost reduction by analyzing the process of molten metal flow and solidification, and visualizing the process, and preventing casting defects from generating at the initial stages.
Trusted CAE System
ADSTEFAN is a casting CAE system, which is researched and developed by experts gathered from many casting industries and universities including Tohoku University in “casting CAE workshop” for about seven years and is made into a project by Tohoku Techno Arch. So, that is why the system has high reliability by being utilized and supported by many users.
High Speed-High Speed Simulation which can be operated in a PC.
~Analyzing the various casting process by high speed and accuracy ~

Easy Operation-Refined GUI based on advanced technology.
~Implementing the user-friendly GUI in a common platform~

Solid Foundation-Reliability and Evolution supported by Research Institution.
~Advanced achievement by research, and technical support system~
  • Misrun
  • Flow line, Cold shut
  • Shrinkage, Porosity
  • Blow hole
Design Improvement
  • Position/Shape of Gate
  • Injection Speed, Temperature
  • Position/Size of riser
  • Position of Cooling
  • Overflow
  • Quality Improvement
  • Reduction of Development Time
  • Cost Reduction
Line-up of Module in ADSTEFAN 
  • Fluid Flow
  • Gas-Liquid Flow
  • Sleeve Analysis
  • Blended Element
  • CIP Scheme
  • Surface Tension
  • Moving Object
  • Solidification
  • Porosity
  • Die Temperature
  • Structure Analysis
  • User Defined Var.
  • Local Pressure
  • Inner mold gas flow
  • Tilt Casting
  • Continuous
  • Centrifugal
  • Thermal Stress
  • Heat Treatment
  • ESR Method
  • Temp Data Mapping
  • X-ray Data Mapping
Pre Processor
Anyone can perform the analysis from reading CAD data to setting analysis parameters due to the user friendly GUI. The auto mesh modification function is available now!
Interface with 3D CAD data (STL format)
User friendly Integrated GUI

Original and ADSTEFAN Mesh Data

Integrated GUI Window


  • Fluid Flow Analysis: Melt flow is simulated. Filling sequence, pressure, and temp change can be observed.
  • Solidification Analysis: Macro porosity, size and geometry of shrinkage porosity are predicted.
  • Die Temperature Analysis: The series of die temperature by setting of each process(Shot, Mold Open, Ejection, Blow) can be analyzed. By the setting of parting agent spray and water volume in cooling tube, the accuracy of analysis is improved, and the effect by spot cooling can be also evaluated.
  • Sleeve Analysis: Behavior of molten metal in sleeve due to the plunger movement is simulated, and the analysis visualizes how the metal is injected from sleeve.
  • Gas-Liquid Flow Analysis: Coupling flow of air and metal are calculated so that it is used for the optimization of low-pressure die-casting or vacuumed casting.
  • Temperature Data Map: Mapping to the result by ADSTEFAN to the FEM’s mesh.
  • Leak Prediction: Prediction of leak's route from location of porosity and cooling tube.
  • Linkage with JMatPro: Importing material properties to ADSTEFAN’s database.

Post Processor

  • Display of Fluid Flow Analysis Results (Temperature, Filled ratio, Velocity, Flow Volume, Pressure, Vorticity, Air entrapment, Residual Air, Surface Fold, Gate Color-Coded, Entrapped Marker, Gas Marker, Gas Volume, Max air Pressure )
  • Display of Solidification Analysis Results (Solidus ratio, Temp. gradient, Casting/Mold temperature, Cooling curve, Niyama Parameter, Cooling Speed, Degree of soundness, Graphite Grain Number, Solidifying Start/End Time, Pressure)
  • Marker display, Vector display, Contour line display, Graph display, Volume of molten metal display, Modulus display
  • Generation of each type of animation file, Reporting, Printing

Fluid Flow Analysis(Misrun)

Shrinkage Porosity Analysis(Prediction)

Fluid Flow Analysis in Sleeve Area

Fluid Flow Analysis(Color-Coded Gate)

CYBERNET SYSTEMS MALAYSIA SDN.BHD. distributes and supports ADSTEFAN products throughout the ASEAN region.

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