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Version 2021.03

RSoft Photonic Device Tools Version 2021.03

New features and improvements include:
  • Updates to FullWAVE FDTD and the LED Utility to enhance support for micro-LEDs and nano-wire LEDS
  • Improved multi-plane far-field to more easily and efficiently calculate emission pattern for non-flat structures like micro-LEDS and nano-wire LEDs
  • Streamlined defaults for many options to simplify the design process
  • Added polarization weight control for the optical source
  • Reduced simulation time via clustering: the LED Utility now supports clustering to allow simulations to be run in parallel
  • Added 3D far-field profile and extraction ratio vs. cone angle plot
  • Improvements to better support Large Scale Computing:
  • Improved loading time in the RSoft CAD for large design files
  • Improved FullWAVE FDTD convergence monitor and field display performance
  • Streamlined process to import CIS (CMOS Image Sensor) geometries from Sentaurus TCAD for simulation with FullWAVE FDTD and/or DiffractMOD RCWA
  • Added support for the creation of custom active component models for OptoCompiler to the Custom PDK Utility

3D far-field plot for a micro-LED (left) and extraction ratio vs. cone angle (right)

Photonic System Tools 2021.03

OptSim and ModeSYS

New features and improvements include:
  • New application note targeting long-haul and short-reach telecom sectors: Relative Intensity Noise (RIN)-induced Penalties
  • New application note of interest to the long-haul and data center sectors: Implementing a Stokes Vector Modulator (SVM)